Brown Hill Market

The Brown Hill Market operates on the FOURTH Saturday of the month from the Brown Hill Hall, 375 Humffray St Nth.  Here’s a map or use your GPS.

Operating hours are 9 am – 1pm, just like the market at the Lake.

Nearly all our existing stallholders came over to Brown Hill in July 2018, so it was instantly a very established market.  In addition, we’ve had huge interest from new stallholders and have been very happy to welcome them to Brown Hill.  Many are locals from Brown Hill.  We’ve had great support from the Brown Hill Progress Association and the Brown Hill Community Newsletter and are very excited about the move!  The Brown Hill community are really getting behind the market – thank you!

Why did we make the move?

Our research shows that ‘once a month’ markets are doing best right now. Brown Hill also offers us:

… a high-visibility location on street with loads of traffic

… an indoor venue through Winter

… great local community support

… easy parking and street access

… on-site toilets (don’t laugh – it matters!!)

About 14 stalls can go inside the main hall, which will ‘weather-proof’ a good part of the market.  Some of our ‘big’ guys – like the farm produce trucks – are staying outside, but many stalls that can’t operate through Winter will be happy to take an indoor spot and carry on all year.

As we become better known, we’ll also get extra patronage when other events are ‘rained out’ in Winter.  We’ll be warm and dry so people will come to us!