Ballarat Farmers Markets Market Charter

The Market charter is:

To provide a quality market experience for visitors and residents that strengthens opportunities for local growers and producers, and provides customers with access to quality, nutritional and healthy products in a relaxed and fun environment.

The markets will:

  • raise the profile of Ballarat & surrounding area as a producer of a diverse range of quality fresh food and related products
  • provide for greater diversity of market outlets for local growers and producers
  • increase visitor numbers to Ballarat
  • expand the range of produce available for purchase within the region
  • provide linkages with local retailers and other town centre activities
  • strengthen the local economy
  • discourage the use of single use plastic bags

Key underpinning values are that the markets are genuine and that they minimise the “Food miles” involved in bringing quality fresh and value added produce to the public in a relaxed market environment.

The markets are managed by Steve Burns, through his company Burns, Counter & Associates Pty Ltd.

The Ballarat Farmers Market operates from 9am to 1pm on the Second and Fourth Saturdays of each month in the Lake Wendouree precinct The market site is Zoo Drive, off Wendouree Parade, at the northern end of the Botanical gardens .

The Fourth Saturday market will not be held in years when the Fourth Saturday falls on Christmas Day or Christmas Eve.

A special CHRISTMAS MARKET operates from 4 – 8 pm on the last Friday before Christmas each year. Stallholders from both markets are welcome to attend, as well as many stallholders who ONLY attend this market.

Market management has the right to determine:

  • The maximum number of stallholders
  • The mix of produce presented and the ratio of fresh to value added produce
  • The number and mix of food and drink concession stalls
  • Fundraising activities permitted at the markets
  • Entertainment, food preparation demonstrations and other promotional activities undertaken at the markets
  • Variations to the Market Charter

Eligibility to Participate

Both markets aim to provide customers with a wide range of quality items, preferably unique to Ballarat. The market is primarily for farmers and producers of quality fresh regional produce. We always prefer farmers who are direct-selling, but will accept some reselling, in order to maintain regular supply for market customers. Our second priority are local producers of value-added products made from regionally grown primary produce . These include self-propagated plants, seeds, small livestock, fertilisers, stockfeed, fibres, personal care items and other value added products.

Crafts and non-beverage/food related products are also welcome, subject to approval by the Market Management . Priority will be given to local, unique, upcycled & recycled products. We do not accept distributors who are part of MLM or franchise operations.

In order to meet customer expectations for a suitable range of stalls, non-local & non-producer stalls are also permitted, such as coffee & food vans, bakeries, etc.

Retailers who grow their own, or produce their own goods from products grown locally will be preferred. Priority will be given to stalls where product is sold by the grower/processor, members of his/her family or his/her employees; i.e. there must be a direct link between the salespersons and the production of the product. Provision may be made for neighbouring growers/producers or nominated agents to sell on behalf of the grower/producer in certain circumstances provided they can demonstrate familiarity with the product and its application and how it was grown or produced. Permission for agents to sell on behalf of the grower/producer will be at the discretion of the market management and must be negotiated/agreed in advance.

In cases where producers sell their own produce but wish to purchase related products for reselling, and where there is a clear service to our customers by the provision of such re-selling, re-selling may be permitted. Re-selling is always a non-preferred option; we want as much local production and fresh product as possible.

Second-hand goods, party-plan, distributorship, multi-level-marketing, franchise and similar stalls are not permitted at either market.

Selection Process

In order to participate in the market, stallholders must:

  • Abide by the Market Charter
  • Hold public liability insurance to the value of $5 million
  • Hold product liability insurance, where relevant
  • Provide evidence of currency of insurance and limits insured
  • Agree that their place of production can be inspected to verify authenticity of product
  • Agree to leave the stall area clean and tidy and remove all waste material from their stall. Stall holders may not place stall waste in public bins or discharge liquids into street drains or parklands.
  • Complete the Market Stallholder application form

The selection process will be based on:

  • Authenticity of produce and compliance requirements
  • Desirable mix of stalls
  • Origin and nature of produce
  • Maintaining stallholder profitability

Preference will be given to stallholders in the following order:

  1. Grow food, beverage or plant/food related produce in the municipality of Ballarat. These may include plants, stock feed, mulch etc. and fibres derived naturally from livestock.
  2. Use ingredients grown in the municipality of Ballarat to add value to food, beverage or plant/food produce.
  3. Grow food or food related produce within the Central Highlands region and/or use ingredients from produce grown within the Central Highlands region to add value to food, beverage or plant/food related produce.
  4. Grow food or food related produce in a rural environment beyond the Central Highlands region, but only in circumstances where the produce is not available locally or within the Central Highlands region.

[The Central Highlands region includes the shires of Pyrenees, Moorabool, Golden Plains, Hepburn and the City of Ballarat]

The Market Manager has the authority to reject applications that do not comply with stated conditions.

Once approval is given, the permit to trade is ongoing, unless otherwise specified by the Market Manager or unless there is a breach of conditions.

The stallholder may only sell produce listed on his/her application form. If a stallholder wishes to vary items for sale, they must notify the Market Manager PRIOR to offering the items on market day and may not offer items unless approval is given.

Sites and Fees

Standard sizes for all outdoor sites are 3 metres x 3 metres.

Fees for participating at each market are:

Powered site $55 (inc. GST)

Unpowered site $50 (inc. GST)

Mini Site (under 2 sq m) $30 (inc. GST)

Single day insurance cover* $15 per day (inc. GST)

[*for those without current Public Liability cover]

Stall fees are payable on the day or in advance. EFT Direct deposit is preferred. When making bank transfers, PLEASE include stall name or INVOICE number for ease of identification.

Bank: National Australia Bank

Account Name: Burns Counter & Associates Pty Ltd

BSB: 083526

Account Number: 54 839 4412


Unpowered site x 4 markets $180 (inc. GST)

Powered site x 4 markets $200 (inc. GST)

Invoices will be issued on initial request and then re-issued when credits have been exhausted.

The Market Manager will do his best to maintain regular stall sites but cannot guarantee same.

Commitment from Stallholders

Stallholders must make a commitment to sell at least one week prior to each market. Stallholders commit to trading from 9 – 1 on market days, unless advised otherwise by the market manager.  

Only those stallholders who pre‐pay in advance will have a confirmed site for that market. Those who arrive without prepaying will only be allowed to sell if space is available and other requirements are met.

In situations where unforeseen circumstances prevent the stallholder attending the next committed market, the stallholder must provide a minimum of 3 days’ notice to the Market Manager in order to receive credit for the pre-paid fee. Failure to provide the Market Manager with sufficient notice will result in forfeiture of the stall fee.

Stallholders who have committed to attend a market and fail to attend without giving 3 days notice will be invoiced for a stall fee.

Stallholders are expected to be neatly, suitably dressed, and courteous in their dealings with the public, to keep their stalls and display equipment clean & tidy. Every stall should be clearly identified and named.  Name tags are encouraged for sellers.

All stallholders must comply with minimum requirements of current trading standards regulations regarding labelling and descriptions of goods. Stallholders must ensure that their measuring scales are accurately calibrated.

Produce should be offered at fair market-driven prices that reflect the quality &/or specialty nature of the goods. Any second-grade fresh produce must be labelled and priced accordingly. Any produce being sold as ‘organic’ must have, and display, proof of certification.

Regulatory Requirements

Smoking by stallholders is not permitted.

Dogs are only permitted within the market areas when appropriately restrained on a leash.

All food vendors must register with Streatrader at

All food stallholders must trade in accordance with State food handling regulations and other relevant local health laws. The City of Ballarat Environmental Health Officer/s will visit the market from time to time to review regulatory compliance. They may also request to visit kitchen premises where products are manufactured. Stallholders selling alcohol must comply with Liquor Licensing requirements.  

On the Day

Market staff will be on site from 7 am to 1.30 pm on each market day. Your contact will be Steve. Please add his number to your phone now:

Steve 0409 551 539.

Set up Stallholders are responsible for bringing their own equipment, for setting up and for leaving the site and communal areas clean & tidy. The Market Manager may be able to assist set up & pack up but cannot be relied upon.

Stallholders must be set up and ready to trade well before the advertised market starting time (9 am).  Stall sites will not be kept for latecomers and repeated late arrival will result in cancellation of stall registration.  

Parking Vehicles must all be in place half an hour prior to market start time.  Please park behind your stall site. Staff can also park behind the stalls – the more space we leave in Wendouree Pde and Gillies St for customers, the better!

Pack up  Stallholders must not pack up before the end of advertised trading (1 pm) without the permission of the Market Manager.

Waste Take your rubbish with you! Stallholders must remove all materials, including waste and packaging from the site. Stall holders are not to place stall waste in public bins or bins within the Brown Hill Hall. Stall holders are not to discharge liquid waste onto the street, drains or parklands. This is especially important for the health of Lake Wendouree.

Marquee safety Marquees and market umbrellas must be secured by weights and/or ropes to prevent movement by wind. [Refer to Aust. standard for weight requirements 18 kg per hold down point]. [NO PEGS ALLOWED AT VENUE]

Lake Wendouree foreshore restrictions The markets are operated on Zoo Drive, off Wendouree Parade. This area is controlled by Council and our licence to operate includes the following conditions:

  • No pegs can be used on the grassed areas of the North Gardens Reserve.
  • No stallholder waste in public bins. The City of Ballarat provides rubbish bins for the public only


Please refer to the COVID-19 management plan for each market, which outlines strategies being used to enable the markets to operate safely during the pandemic. Stallholders are required to implement these measures for both public and personal safety.

General The Market Manager has the right to uphold the Market Charter and request that any items in breach be withdrawn from sale, or any noncomplying stalls be requested to leave or alter their product offering.

By applying for a stall, you are accepting these conditions.