Ket Baker

Ket Baker, based at Leopold (on the edge of Geelong) and established in November 2016, sell fabulous 100% sourdough pastries and bread at both Ballarat Farmers Market and Brown Hill Market – when we’re not in lockdown!

Operating during the lockdown?  YES, but not YET delivering to Ballarat.  WHO wants to make it happen?  We are selling from the bakery, and we also still do the Melbourne Farmers Markets (Alphington, Collingwood, Spotswood, Coburg, Abbotsford and Carlton) and South Geelong Farmers Market, plus a little bit of wholesale in Geelong region .                           

How did Ket Baker come into being? “Passion for good (delicious and as healthy as possible) food, that is as chemical free as possible, the challenge to work with sourdough and giving the community fair an healthy food for each budget.

I was an engineer in my “previous life” which gives me enough knowledge to decently understand the sourdough processes. I have diplomas of breadmaking, patisserie, icecream making and chocolatier.

The entire bakery is sourdough bakery, that makes all the products very unique in flavours; there is no contaminating yeast in our bakery, so everything is very pure and slowly fermented. The pastries take 5 days to make!

Ballarat has been an amazing support of Ket Baker, we grew very fast, have only been doing the market for a year, but the support is awesome. I really miss Ballarat! Steve is the best manager ever! We have plants in our garden that we got from the Ballarat market that produces fruit we use in the pastries!  something someone said, did, commented on? We love the comments from most that farmer’s markets are just about real people creating real food, in most cases using time honored methods.

If the consumer wants to buy direct, do you have delivery/collection capability?  not yet, sorry, but the person that wants to do a big pick up from Geelong to get my stuff in Ballarat is going to get a lot of stuff for free, that’s for sure!!!

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tray of sourdough pastries