Backyard Beekeeping Ballarat

Backyard Beekeeping Ballarat was established in 2015 by local Beekeepers Scott Denno and Amanda Collins. They manage both backyard beehives and a small number of migratory hives throughout Central Victoria. Scott and Amanda are both registered beekeepers, members of the Victoria Apiarists’ Association and foundation members of Ballarat Regional Beekeepers Inc.

Scott and Amanda became ‘accidental beekeepers’ when they were unexpectedly gifted a hive from a friend in 2013. This lonely hive sat in their back paddock among the sheep while they frantically researched about how to care for the colony. Since then they have both undertaken formal training in beekeeping and biosecurity and are qualified  Emergency Beehive Surveillance Apiarists with the Victorian State Quarantine Response Team (SQRT)

BBB attend the Ballarat Farmers Market at Lake Wendouree on the 2nd Saturday of the month. During the COVID 19 lockdown, they are operating from their home shop. You can find more information on their website and FB pages