Winter sunshine

The first July market for 2021 was a glorious weather day – something we missed out on last July!

The main market entrance clocked nearly 2500 people through the front gate over the four hours of the market and we guesstimate another 2-300 came in directly from Gillies St. With over 60 stalls in attendance, there was a wide range on offer and it was gratifying to hear that multiple stalls sold out.

Many thanks to the loyal customers of the market who are coming regularly and supporting our stallholders. At the end of Term 3 2020, we had a big jump in numbers of people attending the market and it’s great to see those levels of attendance holding up in the Winter months. Higher shopper numbers make the market viable for our stallholders, so they are continuing through Winter when they might not have in previous years. To put things in perspective, the first July market in 2019 had only 21 stalls.

It’s a virtuous circle… the shoppers come because the stallholders come and the stallholders come because the shoppers come … and everybody wins! 🙂